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Stott Pilates Reformer Classes

December 2009 it took me 5 minutes to fall in love with the philosophy of Pilates, and being on the reformer.   My passion is to assist people in their healing journey.   Adding pilates reformer classes to my massage, reiki healing and facials services was perfect.  For me, the reformer was my rehab equipment after multiple car accidents, rotator cuff injuries, broken knee cap, weight gain, chronic fatigue, etc.   It also taught me how to use my core in all I do, as oppose to using my back, or hiking up my hip, or shoulders to my ear for strength.   I learned how to use my body in alighnment to heal and prevent injury.  I am seeing life changing behaviors with my clients/students who combinine therapeutic massage with private pilates classes. 

Private Class Prices

all classes are private (one on one), must be prepaid in full, 24 hours to cancel or reschedule to avoid being charged

$25 Monday - Friday 9am-3:30pm (55 minute private).                                      $50 Nights and Weekends (45 minute private)

Monthly Specials for Ultimate Results

$190 - One Hour Massage or Facial and 4 - 55 minute private classes (1ce a week) val. $410

$280 - One Hour Massage or Facial and 8 - 55 minute private classes (2ce a week) val. $690

$370 - One Hour Massage or Facial and 12 - 55 minute private classes (3xs a week) $970

these specials are for monday - friday 9am-3:30 pm.   we can speak in person if you need nights or weekends.

google the prices on private pilates classes and compare them to my prices.  This is unheard of.  


ALSO.....Bonus!!! if you like weekly services you are locked in to the $90, $80, or $70 price as long as you are in the monthly program.   all classes must be used in a months time.  if you plan to travel please discuss and we can adjust the expiration date one week.  

You will feel immediate results and begin to make subtle changes in your mindset and physical behavior.  Your alignment, sleep, digestion, metabolism, energy, diet, etc. will greatly improve.

How awesome is it to exercise or do cardio laying down!  

when are classes???? you make your schedule.  please call/text for more specifics

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