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On-Site Kismet Massage, Reiki and Facials

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On Site Massage & Facials, what better way to start your vacation off, or end it.   Prices include my travel time from point A to B.   transporting my table and supplies takes time and muscle..  if you have a table or want to purchase one to keep at your house you will be able to save.   check out Facebook marketplace.  you can find them for $50/$75.  Get together with a few of your friends and set up in one location to also save on the travel fee.

Keeping your skin hydrated and protected is key, most of my clients do love adding a hydrating facial onto their massage.  I only use Eminence Organic Skin Care Products and their SPF line is amazing and doesn't harm or clog the skin. 

I am in Kismet April through October.  June, July, August I am in Kismet Tuesday night through Monday morning.   During the Summer I live near the marina.  please reach out to me so I can put you on a list to contact you once I begin.  

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